PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna 2021)

By | March 6, 2021

PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna 2021)

PMAY Housing Scheme 2021-. Government had announce 100 smart cities and affordable housing scheme for year 2021. In this article you are going to get all the important information about the scheme, reservation list all the important documents needed. All details about EWS ,LIG, HIG. All the subsidy details for different class in India. Name of the places where this scheme is going to start in upcoming years. Housing loan scheme has been launched by the prime minister Shri Narendra Modi. The New engine for growth they will be named as new cities construction start. ₹ 3 lakh crore will be invested in next 5 years. Under this scheme people who belong to poor section or belong to lower middle class or middle class will be awarded 4 percent discount upto 9 lakh rupees.

Detail of PMAY SCHEME 2021-

Subsidy upto 6.5%

Repayment Duration. 15yr.

MIG CLASS 1 subsidy. 2.35 lakh

MIG CLASS 2 subsidy. 2.30 lakh

Houses. 2 crore

Repayment time. 20 years.

Important points of the PMAY scheme 2021

• Application form charge will minimal as ₹ 25 each.

• common service section available in urban areas and are 60,000 in number will be available for this scheme.

•there will be a photograph attached on the receipt so that candidate will recognize it easily.

• there will be need of Aadhar Card it is necessary to apply.

Interest Rate of PMAY 2021

If we look into the market nowadays there is a almost 8 % of interest rate for women. If this is to believe they have to pay 950 ₹ per month on per 1 lakh rupee. As the repayment duration is recorded as 15 years. Now government will provide 3.00% of subsidy. If we compare the loan and intrest rate it will come down to almost 4 percent as low as possible.

Name of states and number of cities
State City

  1. Uttar Pradesh -. 628
  2. Tamil Nadu -. 191
  3. Rajasthan -. 183
  4. Gujarat -. 171
  5. Punjab -. 163
  6. Bihar -. 134
  7. Andhra Pradesh-. 60
  8. Chattisgarh-. 36
  9. Haryana-. 09
  10. Himachal Pradesh-. 13
  11. J&K-. 25
  12. Jharkhand-. 38
  13. Kerala-. 14
  14. Madhya Pradesh -. 74
  15. Manipur- 28
  16. Nagaland- 23
  17. Odisha- 103
  18. Telangana- 68
  19. West Bengal- 125
  20. Arunachal Pradesh- 29
  21. Maharashtra- 51
  22. Meghalay- 10
  23. Mizoram- 23
  24. Sikkim- 08
  25. Uttralaj2- 81

How to apply?

Under the ministry of housing prime minister of India has launched this scheme. Two kind of schemes has been launched which covers state and center as well. Once a the states are ready forma will be online and whoever wants to apply may apply through it.

Last date of application 2021

March 31st 2022 will be the last date of applying for the PMAY 2021. But the middle inform group will need to apply for this before 31 march 2021.

Official website-

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